TCOE Executive Committee

Presiding Elder:  Elder Ken Jennings

Elder Jennings was a founding member of TCOE in 1992 and is the Presiding Elder, a ceremonial and traditional position in West African culture.  

Queen Mother: Elder Alice Frazier

Elder Frazier joined TCOE in 20xx and is the Queen Mother, a ceremonial and traditional position in the African culture.  

Chair:  Elder Wardell Lindsay


Elder Lindsay currently serves as Chair. He has been a member of Howard County for many years and is passionate about educating students in Howard County about their rich heritage that is rooted in Ancient Africa.    

Vice-Chair: Elder Towanda Brown

Elder Brown joined TCOE in 2007 and currently serves as Vice-Chair, Education Committee Co-Chair and Advocacy Chair. She joined TCOE under the mentoring of Elder Jean Toomer who assisted in the formulation of the Black Student and Family Community Network (BSFCN).  Towanda believes that every student should be treated equally and fairly and is an advocate for eliminating disparities amongst the various areas in Education.  She has had two sons successfully graduate from the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS), one of which received Special Education services beginning with Pre-K.  Elder Brown continues to participate on Superintendent committees, policy committees and other committees to provide input that support equity and equality and has played an integral role in ensuring the Bullying Policy and Parent Concern Process is understandable by all.

Treasurer: Elder Tequila McDuffie

Elder McDuffie joined TCOE in 2015 and currently serves as Treasurer.  She joined TCOE to give support to other families in the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS).  Her goal is to be an advocate for their children and families as well as give assistance to navigate through the web of functions and guidelines of the HCPSS with a great interest with students and parents of Special Education.

Financial Secretary: Elder Milly Muchuchuti

Elder Muchuchuti joined TCOE in 2019 and currently serves as Financial Secretary.  She joined TCOE to make a difference in the lives of young minorities through mentorship and leadership.  Elder Muchuchuti believes there is inadequate mentoring for young students to pursue their educational dreams and aspirations.  TCOE gives Milly the opportunity and platform to make a difference.

Education Chair:  Elder Earl Owens

Elder Owens joined TCOE in 2008.  His first introduction to the organization came in 2005 through conversations with Ancestral Elder Harts Brown at a Chess Tournament hosted by TCOE.  With children in the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS), Earl joined TCOE to support the organization’s efforts of making sure Black children had every opportunity to be successful in all their endeavors. Elder Owens currently serves as Chair of the Education Committee.

Secretary: Elder Quiana Holmes

Elder Holmes joined TCOE in 2017, and currently serves as Recording Secretary.  She has two children in HCPSS and I have been a resident of Howard County for 16 years. She has volunteered on behalf of HoCo students for many years through her involvement in the PTA, school system committees and parent mentoring.  Quiana is excited to be part of TCOE because of the rich history of supporting and celebrating Black students.

Membership Chair:  Elder Jamel Riley

Elder Riley joined TCOE in 2016 and currently serves as the Membership Chair.  When he moved to Howard County 4 years ago, he searched and found TCOE as the organization that he wanted to join to give back to the community and impact the children within the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS). Jamel’s motivation for joining TCOE was to get involved in the HCPSS and to help mentor young men and serve as a mentor.  His passion has always been to make a difference within the school system in any capacity.  Since joining TCOE, Elder Riley had an opportunity to serve with the school system as a peer liaison, policy committee member and curriculum reviewer.




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