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Smiling Kids

TCOE takes great pride in advocating for positive growth and development of the Black Community through activities, programs, and partnerships. If your values and goals align with what is stated above and you are interesting in furthering your service to the community, we welcome you to JOIN US!

TCOE has been at the forefront of community advocacy in a variety of ways, to include regularly scheduled meetings with the Superintendent to discuss topics such as suspension statistics, participation statistics in G/T and Advanced courses, participation on HCPSS policies and procedures, and disparity in the hiring of HCPSS resources.  

For HCPSS policies and procedures, TCOE sends representatives to participate on policies that have been identified by the Board of Education (BOE) for review and participation by the community.  TCOE has assisted Central Office with the Bullying and Parent Concern processes to make them more understandable to the general community.  

TCOE has responded to negative characterization of Black children such as the Mother Jones letter that was written regarding redistricting.    

The organization will continue to keep their eyes on the pulse and work with partners with similar goals for the Black community. 

TCOE partners with other community organizations to help positively impact the Black community of Howard County in multiple domains.  These partnerships include some of following organizations:  

•    African-American Community Roundtable (AACR)  

•    Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP)

•    Howard County Center of African American Culture (HCCAAC)

•    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 

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