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TCOE Celebrations

High School Orchestra
Celebration of Excellence


TCOE's annual "Celebration of Excellence" honors African American seniors in the Howard County Public School System who have maintained a 3.0 - 4.0 GPA throughout their high school career. Two nominees are afforded per award (one male and one female) that are nominated by their BSAP Liaison.



Sankofa Awards:
In reverence to a legacy of fighting for equitable education, TCOE has consistently sought to celebrate and commemorate academic success by Black students in the Howard County Public School System.  One of the most prestigious of awards is the Sankofa Award and is bestowed annually upon two students (male and female) who have done the following:
•    Demonstrated the highest levels of achievement in academic performance, 
•    Served in leadership in their school and community, 
•    Also showed significant achievement in non-academic areas, and
•    Represented themselves and others with the qualities of good character.


Sankofa Awards presentation and nominees 2019 - 2020

Sankofa Awards presentation and nominees 2020 - 2021

Gloria Washington Awards:
In honor of Gloria Washington Wallace, founder of the BSAP Program, this award goes to one male and one female student (2 total awards) where each have shown the greatest academic improvement over their high school career.  In addition, the student should also have demonstrated how they used the 6 Ps to overcome challenges to achieve their success:  Proud, Prepared, Prompt, Productive, Polite and Persistent 

Gloria Washington presentation and nominees 2019 - 2020

celebration of exellence
celebration of academic achievement
Celebration of Academic Achievement


The Celebration of Academic Achievement honors students who are in grades 4 – 9 and have achieved the following levels of academic success during last year’s academic school year as 3rd through 8th graders:
•    Grades 4 – 6: students earned As or Bs in all areas of mathematics AND Language Arts in all 4 quarters and did not receive any Ds or Es in any of the following subjects – language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health education for all 4 quarters.
•    Grades 7 – 9: Students earned As or Bs in English, mathematics, science, and social studies in all 4 quarters.

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